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  • Straight to the Point
    Our tried and true manicure includes nail trimming, shaping, cleansing, and cuticle care. Lather up with a scented lotion massage, and select your favorite lacquer.
  • Lilac & Relax
    An aromatic, calming escape, our lavender manicure will transport you to the clouds. Includes nail trimming, shaping, cleansing, cuticle care, lavender lotion massage. Wrapped up with a soothing warm towel and your favorite lacquer.

nail enhancements

  • Acrylic
    Full Set: $35 & up
    Fill: $25 & up
  • Color Acrylic
    Full Set: $48 & up
    Fill: $38 & up
  • Pink & White Acrylic
    Full Set: $58 & up
    Fill: $47 & up
  • Ombre Acrylic
    Full Set: $60 & up
    Pink fill on Ombre: $37 & up
  • Powder Gel
    Full Set: $40 & up
    Fill: $31 & up
  • Liquid Gel
    Full Set: $48 & up
    Fill: $32 & up
  • Pink & White Liquid Gel
    Full Set: $58 & up
    Fill: $48 & up
  • Dipping Powder Color
    Full Set: $47 & up
  • Pink & White Dipping Powder
    Full Set: $58 & up
  • Ombre Dipping Powder
    Full Set: $60 & up



  • Fresh On The Fly
    The easiest decision you’ll make all day - a relaxing pedicure with all the essentials. Enjoy a foot soak with nail trimming, shaping, cuticle care, callus treatment, and a hot stone massage with scented lotion. Cozy up with a warm towel and dress those nails with your color of choice.
  • Field of Dreams
    Sink into the therapeutic and relaxing scent of lavender, complete with a deep inhale and exhale. Treat your feet to a pedicure cleanse with nail trimming, shaping, cleansing, cuticle care, an exfoliating scrub, callus treatment, a hot stone massage and warm towel wrap. Complete with your favorite lacquer and let the scent of a field of lavender carry you through your day or night.
  • Speak to My Sole
    Our most popular and signature pedicure is all you need to take the weight off. Select from our delightful seasonal fragrances and get ready to jet set into a sea salt soak. You will be treated with trimming, shaping, cleansing, cuticle care, callus treatment and an exfoliating scrub. After cleansing, sink into a scented mud masque, a long, hot stone massage to relax those muscles, and finish with a warm towel wrap. Top it all off with your signature color and you’re ready to take on the week.
  • Peeling Good
    Get your daily dose of vitamin C in this a-peeling pedicure. Transport to the Florida orange groves with this sea salt soak, a sugar scrub, callus treatment, a mud masque and a real orange rub paraffin treatment. Treat your calves to a long, hot stone massage with oil and lotion, then cozy up with a warm towel service. Complete the experience with your signature choice of lacquer.
  • Lave Me, Lava You
    This pedicure will rock your socks off...literally. Select from any of our seasonal fragrances to infuse and indulge in a self-care experience. This luxurious treatment begins with a two-step eruption including detox volcano crystals, a volcano activator, an exfoliating sugar scrub, an organic collagen cream mask, paraffin treatment and massage lotion. Step out of the salon feeling cleansed and charged to take on any day.


Full Body

  • Eyebrows
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Sideburns
  • Neck
  • Full Face
  • Half Arms
  • Under Arms
  • Full Arms
  • Half Legs
  • Full Legs

Additional Services

  • Polish Change Hands
  • Polish Change Feet
  • French Polish Change Hands
  • French Polish Change Feet
  • French Tips (with services)
  • Gel Polish with (services)
  • Gel Polish Hands (without services)
  • Gel Polish Feet (without services)
  • Gel Polish Removal (without gel services)
  • Acrylic,Dipping Powder or Gel Polish Removal
  • Nail Art Designs (each)
    $4 & up
  • Nail Trim
    $3 & up
  • Nail Repair (each with nail service)
    $3 & up
  • Nail Repair (each without nail service)
    $5 & up
  • Nail Shaping
    $5 & up
  • Paraffin Treatment Hands
  • Paraffin Treatment Feet